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The countdown to
the lyga climb on
stage at SXSW

And to warm up the engines, let's talk to big names about thefuture of work.

What does this (not so distant) future hold for us?

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the future of work
from the perspective of

06/03 - 19h

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  Impressive technologies and their implications for people management

09/03 - 19h

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Download Post SXSW - Everything
what we've heard jaw dropping about the future of work

03/20 - 7 pm


The future of work in perspective
of the youths

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Abigail Pinheiro

Technician in Community Orientation, Graduating in Social Communication and Community lead at Sebrae for Startups' Delta fintechlab Financial Hub.

Luis Sergio Ferreira

Victor Haruo

Rangel Amorim

Manu Bernardino

Educator, specialist in learning to learn and founder of @reaprendiz. Your job is to help people and organizations master the art of intentional learning. Luis is a LinkedIn Creator, TikToker with 125k followers, nōvi consulting member, speaker and writer.

Works with UX Researcher at Itaú, is a mentor for young people in the beginning of their careers, speaker and creator of ManUx, a project that aims to bring more young people from the periphery, especially blacks, to the UX area.

Internationalist by training, passionate about cultures and learning and a lover of nature. As a trainee, your job is to design sales strategies at Unilever. He is a volunteer at AFS Intercultura Brasil, where he designs and facilitates knowledge trails for a network of approximately 1000 volunteers.

Head of Community & Ecosystem at DIO, he is dedicated to the challenge of engaging the most vibrant tech community in the world, with more than 1 million people, and building an ecosystem of social impact that brings opportunities and democratizes knowledge in the area of technology.


awesome e 
its implications
in management
of people

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Aline Lima

Facilitator of paths and processes, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategist, Lawyer and Jungian Analyst with specializations in the areas of Marketing, People Management, Social Psychology and Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Studies, has worked with social causes for over 10 years .
Today he is Manager of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Natura&Co.

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Anna Martins 

Thiago Veras

Rodrigo Saadia

Bruno Hohl

First woman to found and be CEO of an Innovation Hub in Brazil. Graduated in Law from UFMG, she created the Network Advocacy model to accelerate startups. Co-founder of Órbi Conecta, today she serves as Executive Advisor at the Hub. Created Órbi Academy Techboost, which distributed more than 160,000 scholarships in programming languages throughout Brazil in 2021.

Owner of a multidisciplinary career, he has worked in M&A, finance, strategy, new businesses, projects and management systems in multinationals and as an entrepreneur. Today he works as a consultant, speaker and mentor with projects in companies such as: Natura, Banco Inter, Alpargatas, Unilever, Cogna Educação, C&A, Grupo UOL, Qualicorp, Sodexo, Samarco, among others.

He worked in the areas of innovation and human resources at Natura and was the global manager of People Analytics at BRF. He is the founder of Nerpa Analytics, a consultancy specializing in analytics for the HR area, with large companies in the cosmetics, fintechs, pharmaceutical, aerospace and retail sectors in its portfolio. He is passionate about topics related to human development and technology.

Director of Human Resources at Empiricus Investimentos, with previous experience at Natura, Mercedes-Benz and Netshoes. Graduated in Public Relations from the University of São Paulo with specializations in Human Resources from the Wharton School, Sociopsychology from the São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics, Coaching and Generative Leadership from the Newfield Network, in Chile, and organizational mediation from the Ecosocial Institute.

why you 
should be


of jobs will be lost to automation by 2030.

of professions in 2030 do not yet exist.

of the workforce will need new skills by 2025.

of the tasks performedby humans will be automated by 2025.

85 million




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of conversations 
and build the

future of work


lyga was one of the startups selected as a finalist to present their pitch on stage at South by Southwest 2023 in the Future of Work Category.

Discovering, understanding and creating this future through youth is why we exist.

The so-called literacy of the future is the competence to create scenarios that are likely to happen and that leads us to prepare ourselves with more awareness and to act in order to build the future we desire.


By 2025, 27% of the workforce in OECD countries will be professionals in theGeneration Z.


lyga sees the opportunity to support these young people in their development by providing new and different ways of working and developing.


We create solutions for today's challenges based on developing the full potential of young people, acting as mobilizers of a powerful network of people and creating space for contributions and shared knowledge.

why us 
we matter

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