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In 2018, Startup School was born, our first learning experience exclusively designed for youth, which connects human development approach with agile, design, and innovation methodologies to provide young people with practical experiences and paths for transformation of themselves and their businesses.

Between 2018 and 2022, new products and solutions were created, more than 25 clients were served, and about 7500 young people were directly impacted by our actions.

lyga is part 
of Wisnet

For over two decades, Wisnet has been building development and transformation journeys for individuals and organizations, with a focus on strategy, teams, leadership, and culture

In 2016, Wisnet began to broaden its perspective to the youth audience, motivated by the desire to actively contribute to the development of the full potential of the future of Brazilian leadership.

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Our purpose is to develop young protagonists who create dialogue and real changes for the future of Brazilian companies in the world.

in September 2022, a spin off
lyga is officially launched
lyga carries Wisnet's purpose of full potential, its deep, avant-garde, and humanized approach, and its experience of over two decades in people and organizational development. lyga brings in its DNA innovation, creativity, boldness, and connection with the future and trends necessary to develop young protagonist leaders.
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We believe that everyone has talents, unique and valuable contributions to make to the world, that which calls us and makes us deliver our best.

We know that the only possible path is to do it together, collaboration is the maximum premise for the construction of real changes.

And even though the world seems to be upside down, there is a way! We choose to see the future in a positive way, being part of the solutions we seek for our challenges.

Doing together gives lyga!

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